Collective Protection: Fall Protection Products

Collective Protection Systems

1. Guard: Permanent Aluminium Railings

  • Collective protection systems, such as guardrails, are designed to protect people from the risk of falling from the height. They are generally used on platforms, balconies, terraces, stairs and other elevated areas of buildings or constructions.
  • Guardrails must be mounted in accordance with applicable safety rules and regulations, which vary by country and applications. For example, in Europe, railings must be designed and built according to the European standard EN 14122, which sets requirements for resistance to horizontal and vertical loads, height and distance between the railings, mounting and fixing the component elements etc.
  • In addition, it is important that guardrails are regularly maintained and checked to ensure they are safe and function properly. Any damage must be repaired immediately.
  • In general, it is recommended to call for specialists in construction and maintenance of collective protection systems. This can help ensure safety and compliance with safety standards.


  • SIMPLE: Fast and easy to assemble, installation only takes a few steps.
  • COMBINABLE: Modular system, can meet any design requirement thanks to the wide range of available accessories.
  • AESTHETICS AND DURABILITY: The aluminium alloy guarantees an aesthetic system and good corrosion resistance in the long term.

2. Walkways and Overpass Walkways

2.1 Walkways

  • RELIABLE: The non-slip, anti-oil, anti-heel and ice resistant coating ensures safe footing.
  • STANDARD MODULES: Available in 1,50 and 3,0 m long modules, from 60 to 80 cm wide. Additional sizes available upon request.
  • MODULAR: Available with or without railing and toe boards, or single-sided. Possibility to be fixed directly or with supports of various heights.

2.2 Overpass Walkways

  • LIGHT: Thanks to the prefabrication and lightness of aluminium, it can be easily transported and is simple to install.
  • ADJUSTABLE: With various lengths and widths of both the landing platform and the side steps, it provides a solution for overcoming any obstacle.
  • RELIABLE: The non-slip covering means difficult areas of roofs or machinery can be reached safely.
Overpass Walkways

Overpass Walkways

Technical Details

3. Customizable Horizontal Fall Protection Nets

  • Fall protection nets are another collective protection system used to prevent falls from height in construction sites, on roofs or other places where there is a risk of falling. They are designed to provide a physical barrier between the worker and the fall hazard.
  • Protection nets are made of polyester, nylon or other synthetic materials and are designed to withstand a certain level of load depending on the application. They are usually attached to supporting structures such as scaffolding or poles to keep them stretched and tight.
  • Protection nets must be designed and installed in accordance with applicable safety regulations. In the United States, for example, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards set the requirements for the design, installation and use of fall protection nets.
  • It is important to ensure that safety nets are regularly maintained to ensure that are safe and free of damage that could endanger workers. It is also important that workers receive proper training in the use of safety nets and wear personal protective equipment such as seat belts while working in fall risk areas.


  • COMPLETE: Complete system with A4 stainless steel mesh, pre-assembled perimeter rope, brackets and fasteners included for all types of substructure.
  • SIMPLE: Quick and easy assembly with the aid of corner and straight fastening systems. Anti-intrusion plate included.
  • VERSATILE: Possibility of application to structures of various materials (timber, steel, concrete).

4. Skylight Guards

  • Skylight guards are safety systems designed to protect workers from falling hazards through skylights or other types of roof windows.
Skylight Guards
Skylight Guards