Confined Space Rescue Systems. Work at Height

Confined Space Rescue Systems

1. 3M™ DBI-SALA® Systems for Confined Spaces

  • Confined spaces can be below or above ground and are found on most job sites. Each year many workers are injured or killed while performing their daily work activities in confined spaces.
  • Confined spaces have limited openings for entry and exit which complicates rescue/retrieval and other emergency response services. These often dangerous work environments are enclosed or partially enclosed and not designed or intended for long-term human occupancy. A restrictive confined space can represent health and safety risks to anyone who enters.
  • 3M™ Fall Protection ISO 9001-2000 certification drives superior engineering, quality manufacturing and unparalleled customer services. Our design and engineering teams excel at finding the best way to keep workers totally safe and comfortable.
  • Combining experience and knowledge with state-of-the-art outdoor and indoor testing procedures, we produce some of the most technologically advanced safety equipment in the world.

3M™ DBI-SALA® Systems

3M™ DBI-SALA® Systems for Confined Spaces

1.1 3M™ DBI-SALA® Davit Arm System

  • Full versatility of head and arm extension regardless of the front / back mounted SRL / winch
  • Meets PPE regulation with EN795 type B - 2012 certified
  • 2 devices (SRL / winch) can be fixed on the davit
  • 2 user rated for fall arrest
  • Man and load riding certified

2. EasySafeWay 1, Mobile H-shaped base davit system

  • Mobile H-shaped base davit system for access in confined spaces with a large opening.
  • Composed of FA 60 105 03 (davit column, height 1370 mm), FA 60 105 05 (davit arm) and FA 60 105 06 (H-base).
  • H-base equipped with height adjustable feet and spirit levels for correct levelling of the davit system.

H-base min. opening Ø 1100 mm /
max. opening Ø 1510 mm
Davit arm is adjustable at 3 defined heights 1.66 m / 2.0 m / 2.28 m
Material Aluminium
Weight 62 kg
Maximum load capacity 500 kg
Compliance EN 795:2012 tip B
Anchorage points resistance > 12 kN

3. Tripod Kratos for access in confined spaces

  • 7 ft. Tripod maxi for access in confined spaces. With two mounted pulleys at the head of the Tripod in the extension of the main leg for passing a cable
  • Having two auxiliary eye bolts as attachment points.
  • Aluminium alloy cast head, legs in aluminium.
  • Steel support-shoes provided with rubber sole to increase friction and impart more stability.
  • Strength of anchorage point greater than 12 kN
  • Every Tripod is provided with inbuilt fixture for attaching our winches.
  • Every Tripod is provided with Tripod Bag

Adjustable height from 1.15 m to 2.15 m
Wheelbase from 1.08 m to 1.62 m
Weight 14.3 kg
Maximum Load Capacity 500 kg under head / 250 kg on leg
Conforms to EN795:2012 tip B, ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU, Machinery Directive, EN 1808

4. Kratos Hexapod: access gantry for confined spaces

  • Access gantry for entry, rescue and lifting into confined spaces having large openings and below the ground level.
  • Equipped with a pulley placed on the tripod head for inserting the winch cable.
  • Equipped with three anchorage rings on the tripod head
  • Moulded tripod head in aluminium alloy, aluminium feet
  • Feet equipped with articulated steel soles with rubber pads to increase friction and stability
  • Resistance of anchor points > 13 kN
  • Each tripod comes with a plate to install the winch
  • It is also used in combination with universal plates or adaptation kits, to install the self-retracting fall arrester with integrated rescue winch.
  • Tripods supplied with specific carry bag.

Adjustable height 1.15 m to 2.15 m
Wheelbase 1.08 m to 1.62 m (1 tripod) /
1.80 m to 4.20 m (between the 2 tripods)
Weight 49.33 kg
Max permissible load 500 kg under head / 250 kg on leg
Conformity EN795:2012 type B, TS 16415:2013 Type B, ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU, Machinery Directive, EN 1808