Evacuation and Rescue Devices. Stretchers. Work at Heights

Evacuation and Rescue Devices

1. Stretcher

  • Slight stretcher, ideal for evacuations.
  • Once the victim is installed, the stretcher becomes rigid.
  • Can be used horizontally and vertically.
  • Can be stored in a compact bag for an easy carrying.
  • 2 carrying handles on each side.

Material Polypropylene
Strap Polyamide
Loading surface 2.5 m
Width 0.9 m
Weight of the stretcher 5.5 kg
Weight of the stretcher with its straps and bag 8 kg
Maximum load 150 kg

2. Webbing rescue ladder

  • Rungs with rigid aluminium reinforcement, diam. 11 mm
  • Designed for the rescue and the evacuation of any user of fall arrest material who did not lose consciousness after a fall. NOT TO BE USED AS A MEANS OF ACCESS!
  • Fixed to a structure / an anchor point through a connector attached to the upper textile loop, and unrolled to the victim, it allows the latter to reach a safe place (by ascending or descending).
  • The second textile loop allows to attach the fall arrest system of the victim in order to secure its displacement.
  • 6th rung (from the bottom) red-coloured, 7th rung (from the bottom) orange-coloured for a better visual spotting of the bottom of the ladder.
  • Compact, portable and light, it is provided with its integrated transport bag.

Length 6 m
Material Webbing: polyester; Rungs reinforcement: aluminium
Weight 2.82 kg

3. LIFT RES-Q, evacuation and rescue device

  • LIFT RES-Q is the perfect device for lifting and rescue operations.
  • Made of aluminium alloy and high-strength steel.

Controlled descent speed 1 m to 1.50 m/sec (depending on the weight), max. weight 225 kg
Maximum descent height 500 m
Maximum lifting height 500 m
Usable with electric screwdriver for high ascents
Brake system Automatic and redundant
Maximum no. of users 2 users – 225 kg
Inspection Once a year or every 6000 m of rope
Available in 2 lengths 20 m and 40 m

4. RES-Q 2, downward evacuation device

  • Res-Q 2 is the perfect device for quick rescue operations.
  • Made of aluminium alloy and high-strength steel.
  • To use with 9.6 mm diameter semi static kernmantle rope (FA 70 109 99 + FA 70 109 98).

Controlled descent speed < 2 m / sec (regardless the weight) max. weight: 141 kg
Maximum descent height 250 m
Brake system Automatic
Maximum no. of users: 1 user – 141 kg
Inspection Once a year or every 2000 m of rope.
Available in 2 lengths 20 m and 40 m
Compliance EN 341:2011-1B
RES-Q 2, downward evacuation device

5. Kit for Self-Evacuation

  • Kit for Self-Evacuation 20 mtr. This simple, lightweight self-evacuation kit is intended to be used from an identified work station at height, where wearing a fall arrest harness may not be mandatory. This device enables the system user be evacuated downward.
  • Composition of the kit:
    • a rescue triangle
    • a semi static rope length 20 mtr (with a triple action-locking karabiner)
    • a descender
    • 2 anchorage webbings slings, 1,50 m
    • 4 triple action-locking karabiners
    • a cylindrical bag