Installation of Fall Protection Systems. Working at Height

Installation of Fall Protection Systems

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  • The best solution and compliant design may prove insufficient without proper execution.
  • All our technicians receive continuous training and are certified for all systems in the portfolio. With a result-oriented attitude and no tolerance for compromise, our teams are ready to always provide quality services in a professional manner.
  • Our portfolio includes all types of fall arrest and prevention systems complying with the standards in force, including horizontal and vertical lifeline (flexible or rigid), movable arms, access platforms and temporary / permanent railings, protection of hatches and skylights, etc.
  • To ease the installation of the systems, we use modern tools and equipment, thus minimizing the potential interruptions of production/ technological flow.
  • Our installation services are available for all environments and types of structures (roofs, overhead cranes, industrial halls, civil constructions, etc.) and we pride ourselves with both national and international coverage.
Installation of Fall Protection Systems

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