Design of Fall Protection Systems. Working at Height

Design of Fall Protection Systems

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  • One can find a wide variety of systems and solutions for working at height. Although these are similar, each manufacturer has its particularities that must be taken into account when designing the final solution, so that the appropriate level of safety is guaranteed.
  • In order to achieve a compliant design of the fall protection solution, a multitude of factors must be analysed: location, type of structure, fall distance, number of users, access, ergonomics, other particularities, etc.
  • When addressing a project, our specialists take into account all these elements, choose the right system and deliver to the beneficiary all the technical documentation necessary for its implementation.
  • There are situations in which the existing structure cannot accommodate the installation of a fall protection system and an additional one is required.
  • If these structures fall under the scope of construction works, we offer support in drawing up the specific documentation and obtaining the necessary authorizations.
Design of Fall Protection Systems

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