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Lifeline systems are represented by protective equipment that provide safety during work at height. They consist of a steel or synthetic cable mounted on supporting structures, such as poles or roofs. The cable is fitted with carabiners used for attaching the workers’ personal protective equipment.

The main purposes of lifeline systems are to prevent workers from falling from height and to minimize the risk of injury or even death. They are used in various industries, including construction, building maintenance, the energy sector and many other areas where working at height is required.

A major advantage of lifeline systems is that they allow users to safely move around a work surface without having to constantly disconnect and reconnect to the system. In addition, they are designed to be robust and durable, making them suitable for use in demanding environments.

They are available in different configurations, such as horizontal or vertical lifeline systems and can be customized according to the specific needs of the user. They can also be divided into permanent or temporary systems.

Lifeline systems are an important investment in the safety of the workers and can be an essential element in an effective accident prevention strategy.

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